Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bird's Eye View Welcome

Hello e-verse! This is the Bird's Eye View, or the BEV for short.

Here at the BEV, we talk about baseball. More specifically, the St. Louis Cardinals. We'll sometimes talk about about other teams, and may go outside the world of baseball (music, NFL, NCAA, etc), but it will primarily be about baseball and the Cardinals.

Why the Cardinals? Well, to put it oh so simply: I'm a die-hard fan. I will try as hard as possible to keep my bias out of my writing, but sometimes it is difficult.

Plenty of reasons of why to read my blog:
1) I actually know how to write - I had five years of journalism in school, am a proud member of the Grammar & Spelling Police Force here on the Internet, and well...I can make some interesting points and add humor. I hope to be a good read. I aspire to that.

2) Ideas flow out of me - I will never be a light read. I have ideas flowing out of me left and right. I have always been an idea man, and my ideas tend to be better than most. I can take criticism better than most, but I will always argue my point.

Basically, I hope to mix in a few different type of writer's (not writing) styles and integrate them into my own. I like Bernie Miklasz's writing and I try to write close to his style, but I also like Buster Olney's writing style. Mixing those two together is the kind of writer I like to be. Their layouts and the way they write is jaw dropping good.

If I can be half that good, I'd be a happy person.

Anyway, hope you all read and enjoy. I like to hear from you, so comment, email, or make a reference to my posts on fan boards. All would be great and I hope you have a great day!

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